Understanding Listerine treatment towards toe nail fungus

Most of us know that Listerine is a powerful antiseptic mouthwash that can fight bacteria which gets build up in the mouth. But now I am here to tell you that Listerine can also be used for treating toe nail fungus. Many people have already started using this solution and are also receiving good results. Listerine is considered to be a good home remedy for curing toenail fungus. You can certainly use Listerine as an alternative to prescribed medication. People also prefer using Listerine since it is affordable, compared to drugs to treat toenail fungus infections. Listerine is a safe solution that can be administered orally and does not cause any harm to the mouth. Hence, it will also not cause any adverse reaction when applied to an external part of the body. Listerine is safe for use. 

You cannot find any special Listerine fungus cure related product, at your local store. Listerine is purely available as a mouth wash. So, do not get fooled by anyone who tries to sell Listerine in the form of a specially adapted version, designed to fight toe nail fungus. There is nothing of such kind available in the market. Many people have also realized that toe nail fungus can also be treated by combining Listerine and Vinegar which offer even faster results. Fungi cannot remain in an acid environment. Hence, adding vinegar to Listerine can also be considered as an effective home remedy.

Listerine can be filled in a bowl and then you can place his or her feet into it. This remedy works after having soaked the effective toe for 30 minutes a day, just for few days. A bowl full of Listerine each day can be very expensive. Hence, put few drops in a bowl full of water and use it for curing toe nail fungus. This method may be cost effective but may dampen the effectiveness of the treatment. A good method of using Listerine towards treating toe nail fungus is by using an empty nail varnish bottle and the brush which is attached to the lid. It can be used as an excellent applicator. The bottle should be filled with Listerine and you must then apply three times a day to the infected nail.

One should be aware of the fact that most fungal toe nail infections, take months to clear. You may be using Listerine, vinegar or any of the prescription drugs, yet the fungus takes time to die and allow a new and uninfected nail to grow up. Listerine treatment is found to be cheaper than prescription drugs. Hence, you should continue to consistently use it till the fungus has disappeared. Such perseverance and dedication is required. There is no scientific or medical guarantee towards the treatment by the application of Listerine. What may work for you may not work for others. However, Listerine is worth trying towards treating toe nail fungus infection.