Understanding Toe Nail Fungus

Toe nail fungus is also known as onychomycosis. It is basically a fungal infection that is present on the toe nail. This living organism likes to live in dark and damp environments such as below and around nails. Fungus usually grows under the nail, with low oxygen environment. They also are in places that have accumulation of water around and also in warm environment. Hence, the toe area is most likely to be affected by the fungus, since the foot area has a dark and damp environment, compared to the hand. The toe nail fungus also lives in places like, swimming pools, locker rooms or showers. 

The toenail fungus is considered to be chronic in nature. It is difficult to cure and consistent treatment is required. The symptoms of toe nail fungus include swelling, yellowing, thickening or crumbling of nails. It can even lead to complete loss of the nail. The color of the nail, due to toe nail fungus can be varied from brown or yellow to white.  

Toe nail fungus is caused by fungi, such as dermatophytes, mold or yeast. Mostly, fungal infection occurs to those people who wear constructive foot wear or share locker rooms, showers or even bathrooms.

Toe nail fungus occurs in people who have low immune system. However, toe nail fingers also occur in healthy people too. You can prevent toe nail fungus by the following ways:

1)      Use pure 100% wool, cotton or silk socks. These types of socks will absorb the moisture from your sweating feet and thus provide good ventilation.

2)      Avoid wearing plastic shoes as they do not allow air and moisture to pass through.

3)      You can sprinkle ant-bacterial powder, if you already have a fungal condition. In such a circumstance, never use nail polish since it will encourage fungal growth by acting as a seal for the fungus that lie beneath the toenail, in a dark, moist environment.

4)      Always keep your feet clean and dry. This will discourage the fungus to live in such a condition.

Toe nail fungus can be treated through internal medications, available as prescriptions. But there are side effects, such as upset stomach, headaches and liver damage. However, you can try home remedies and it’s safe with no side effects. Vinegar cure for toe nail fungus is one of the most common home remedy curing method. However, I would like to quote the old saying which says “prevention is better than cure”. Also, an early treatment is the best treatment with regard to toenail fungus.      

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