Dealing with toenail fungus home remedies

Toenail fungus or nail fungus can also be treated by home remedies. In case of a toe nail fungal infection, treatment must be done consistently on a daily basis. If you miss even one day, you may then increase the chance of re-infection of already cleared and healthy nail. Hence, take the treatment course seriously. The basic idea in a home remedy, for fungus toe nail treatment, is based on the method of changing the living environment of the fungus. The main focus in the treatment is towards increasing or decreasing the pH of your skin and nail (acidity – alkalinity factor). Home remedies are the best option towards curing toe nail fungus. Curing toe nail fungus with home remedies is considered to be less expensive compared to the convention curing method. In home remedies, there are no side effects. Some of the home remedies are as follows:

1) Pau D’Arco : This natural herb has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-   
      parasitical properties. Pau D’ Arco consist of Quinoids, bezenoids and flavonoids.
      Quinoids is one of the main ingredient that has made Pau D’ Arco to be
      considered as the most effective home remedies for curing nail fungus. This
      natural herb is grown in the rain forests of the Amazon and is South and Latin

2) Oregano: Wild oregano is grown mostly in the Mediterranean region.
      Besides being able to treat a number of different types of infections, it acts as
      an effective medicine for treating fungus, bacteria and virus. The main
      constituent of Oregano is the “Carvacrol”, which is good enough for treating
      the toe nail fungus.
3) Lemongrass : It is mostly seen in the South East Asia. Lemongrass has been
      famous for ages towards its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. You can
      consider Lemongrass to be one of the best home remedies towards curing the toe
      nail fungus.

4) Horopito : Horopito is very effective against Candida. Horopito is a flowering
      plant in nature. It contains antioxidant flavonoids such as quercetin and taxifolin.

5) Anise Seed: It is also known as pimpinella asisum which is a plant found in Greece and Egypt. It has healing properties and can be used towards assisting digestion, fighting infections and it strengthens the immune system. It certainly is one of the home remedy for curing nail fungus.

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