Getting to know about Chinese herbs for toe nail fungus.

A live fungus is responsible for the toe nail fungal infection. There are all types of remedies that are available for curing and preventing such fungal infection of the nails. Chinese medicine is one type of medicine that can be considered for treating toe nail fungus. Since thousand of years, herbs are been used for medical reasons. With the availability of pharmaceutical drugs, herbal medicine started losing its importance. But due to side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs, people started to re-gain faith in medicinal herbs. Also, Chinese herbs are used since ages. Chinese herbs can be also used for treating toe nail fungus.

Chinese herbs act as a wonder drug for most of the diseases. Chinese medicines have been used for various health ailments since centuries. There are many home remedies used to treat fungal infections, including toe nail infection. Some of the Chinese home remedies are: Citri reticulate, Atractylodis Alba, Poria Cocos, Cinnamomi, Alismatics, Poly Polus, Jujube, Glycyrrhiza and Magonolia officinalis.

Chinese herbs contain various combinations for treating toenail fungal infection. By using this combination method, the medicine becomes more effective towards the fungal infection. For example: Fungo off remedy contains combination of atractylodis, plantago, dictammus, alisma, tribulus, kochia, scute, gympsum, phellodendron citrus viride, citrus peel, capilaris, poria, tokoro and cicade moulting is highly potent against fungal infections. An oral anti-fungal drug treatment for toe nail fungus may produce side effects. But the above mentioned Chinese medicine is cheap and effective towards toe nail fungal infection. There is also a “Fungo Lotion” that can be use to kill the fungus that spreads beneath or around the nails. The above mentioned “Fungo Lotion” contains melia, dictamium, borel and cnidium in a vinegar-sugar combination solution. This solution acts as a poison for the fungus and thus dies.

There is also another effective Chinese remedy called as the “Fungo Balm”. It contains gypsum, zinc oxide, sophora, Kochiae and licorice. This balm contains a property that can clear the dampness of the body system. It also can boost the body’s immune system, resulting into quick recovery of ailments. Chinese herbs remedy method is found to be cheaper and more effective when compared to any other source of treatment towards toe nail fungal infection